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My name is Panagiotis Zafeiriadis and I am a Web Developer and QA/Tester who specialises on delivering dynamic, neat and high User eXperience outcomes. I have 10+ years of experience on web development life cycle, where I had the chance to work and get involved to a diversity of projects at different stages of development process each time (Planning/UX design, Front/Back End Development, Testing and Maintaining).

I am flexible to work independently and/or as a part of a team, with a high sense of responsibility, while I keep enjoying what I am doing. I thrive on rising to challenges, I like to be creative, active and always be after new things. Delivering quality products, keep improving them and finding solutions to problems have always been among to my top favourites.

Below, you can see a list of the areas I prefer to work mostly, although I'm always open to new things and challenges. Please, feel free to Contact me for any further information.

UX Design | Web Development | QA + Testing



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